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Enovation Controls serves the needs of diverse application through our trusted Murphy and High Country Tek (HCT) brands.
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Enovation Controls is an international leader in complete, fully-tailored solutions, with the industry's largest portfolio of innovative displays, controllers and instrumentation. Their versatile software and product platforms enable them to create customized solutions on aggressive timelines. Engineered and tested for superior durability and performance, Enovation products boast ease-of-use, intuitive design and rich customization.
Enovation Controls serves the needs of diverse applications through trusted brands such as Murphy and High Country Tek (HCT). These brands represent a full complement of integrated solutions benefitting today's technology-driven customers. Enovation serves a variety of markets including off-highway, recreational and commercial marine, power sports and specialty vehicles, agriculture and water pumping, power generation and engine-driven industrial equipment.
Enovation Controls operates today as a stand-alone subsidiary of Sun Hydraulics Corp., one of Forbes' 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America (2017). With an internationally diverse team of over 300 employees, Enovation Controls serve customers around the world with global sales, manufacturing and application engineering operations.


We carry a wide range of Enovation parts that are ideal for building intuitive and innovative user interfaces. Products range from Controllers, Gages, Panels, Valves, and the High Country Tek (HCT) line. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Lynch at Sales@lynch.ca for more information.


Enovation is relentless in their pursuit of improved user experiences and performance-enhancing technology with display solutions that boast ease-of-use, intuitive design and rich customization. With best in class viewability and a wide range of sizes, there's a PowerView® display perfectly suited to for any mechanical or electronic engine or equipment application.
PowerView® 1100 - 10.6" portrait or landscape connected, colour display with on-board stereo.
Powerview 780B - 7" connected, colour display with video playback, more power and more memory.


From plug-and-play to fully configurable control, Murphy PowerCore® Controller lineup and rugged Panel Systems are flexible for a wide range of engines and applications. Looking for auto start or manual start? Various throttling options? Mechanical or electronic engine control? The rugged IP67 rated controllers and panels are all final Tier4/Stage IV ready and are up to the task.
Ready to run panels - Everything you need in one plug-and-play panel, configured for specific engine types.
Controllers - Our tough, rugged configurable controllers are engineered with the flexibility and power you need.
Standard Panels - Standard Murphy panels offer a variety of functionality and pricing to satisfy any customer requirement.


Drive your equipment integration into the digital age and achieve enhanced diagnostics, on-screen troubleshooting and increased user efficiency. Seamlessly integrate these modules with the rugged PowerView displays for total equipment control.
Intelligent Xpansion IX3212 Power Distribution Module - High current I/O module for integrated vehicle control.
XM500 - Configurable input/Output module.



HCT is widely recognized as the leading brand of ground-breaking and distinctively potted electronic control solutions for the global fluid power industry. They offer easy-to-apply, environmentally ruggedized electronic controllers. HCT controllers have the capability to be user adjustable locally or pre-programmed to suit virtually any application requiring an electro-hydraulic solution, and are universally compatible with all major hydraulic OEM proportional products.
HAU - A single coil proportional valve driver that provides precise control of a single coil proportional valve. The HAU can be tailored for use on low current EDC valves such as Sauer-Danfoss™ 90 series or up to 5 Amps and enables the user to add ramping and/or dither to minimize stiction and hysteresis of the valve. The HAU comes standard with terminal strips or the optional Weatherpack connectors.
MVP Series - The MVP Series is a line of proportional valve controllers each housed in an 18mm DIN connector body. Several versions are available for open and closed loop applications. Bright LED indicators provide an overview of the operating status. System configuration is accomplished through a clip-on infrared adapter, without removing or opening the connector body. All settings are stored in permanent memory within each unit. Each MVP controller is prewired and permanently sealed.
EVC - The EVC is one of the most versatile and precise electronic valve controllers on the market today. Configured using an intelligent graphical user interface (GUI), the EVC can be used in simple proportional single- and dual-coil applications or in more complex closed-loop pressure/speed control solutions. The command signal can be either industry standard voltage (0 to 5 or 0 to 10V) or current (4 to 20mA) while the mobile industry can take advantage of the SAE J1939 compatibility for horsepower limiting or anti-stall applications.
DR Series - The DR Series offers versatility and ease of use in a narrow DIN-rail mounted housing. The front panel indicators and USB port provide for simple setup and monitoring. All terminal connections are removable for easy wiring. Up to 4 outputs make efficient use of valuable panel space. A wide range of input options are available for ultimate flexibility.
DVC 700 Series - The DVC700 series is the most durable and reliable electro-hydraulic control solution in the hydraulic industry. Widely used in the mining and construction industries, the DVC700 controllers are intelligently designed to be both configurable and programmable so as to maintain simplicity where needed without sacrificing the more complex feature capabilities. DVC710 and DVC707 are the master controllers and their flexible hardware and software allow them to run many hydraulic control applications as a single module. DVC710 & DVC707 and all DVC expansion modules are packaged in small rugged enclosures. All connectors are sealed and each module is encapsulated to withstand extreme conditions in harsh operating environments. The hardened enclosures allow you to locate the DVC modules near the sensors, valves, etc. they will control. This can greatly minimize the amount of cabling in your system and significantly lower your costs.
HGC-2 - The highly cost effective HGC-2 is designed to control a generator driven by a hydraulic motor where speed is controlled by a proportional solenoid valve, either directly at the motor or as part of the pump compensator. The HGC-2 is a closed loop controller that monitors the AC line voltage from the generator output for outer loop closure and provides the necessary current to a valve coil in order to maintain the desired generator frequency. The HGC-2 has a single LED indicator on the top of the unit to provide an overview of the operating status. As with all of the HCT modules, the HGC-2 is packaged in a small rugged enclosure. All connectors are sealed and the module is encapsulated to withstand extreme conditions in the harsh mobile operating environment.
HFS-J - The highly cost effective HFS-J has enough processing power and input output functionality when operating as a single control module to support a wide range of hydraulic fan system applications. As with all of the HCT modules, the HFS-J is packaged in a small rugged enclosure and encapsulated in flame resistant resin to withstand extreme conditions in harsh mobile operating environment. It can control a hydraulically driven fan proportionally or In an ON/OFF manner based on user settings, system configuration and cooling needs with J1939 CAN Bus communications for engine and temperature zone data Inputs, and / or two independent inputs (zones) that will interface with industry standard NTC, two wire thermistors. Two (2) switch inputs, suitable for over temperature switches, retarder switches and air conditioning clutch switches are also provided for added system flexibility.
EMC Series - The EMC is a compact but powerful single fan bank controller for use with +12Vdc or +24Vdc variable speed brushless fans. The controller provides a low current varying PWM signal to the fan/s based on command inputs. Setup and system monitoring are easily accomplished through the graphical user interface (GUI). This controller is complete with many selectable input and output configurations along with On-Demand and Set-Point command modes. The health of the fan system can easily be determined by the diagnostic LED's, the diagnostic J1939 CAN Bus messages from the controller, and by monitoring the system using the software interface.
EMC-6 & EMC-6L - Increase fuel economy and reduce emissions with High Country Tek's EMC-6, the industry's first variable speed hybrid fan controller capable of simultaneously controlling variable speed electric and hydraulic fans, water pumps, and engine accessories. Maximize engine performance by reducing the load on the engine and controlling the temperature regulated systems as needed. The automotive industry worldwide is investing to find the most effective means of improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions while cutting costs. The EMC-6 is the simplest solution that provides immediate results by providing extensive input/output selection with easy to use complete customizable configuration software. This enables automotive/mobile design engineers and manufacturers the flexibility of reducing weight, combining electronic control systems and maximizing engine performance. A positive change for the environment while realizing significant financial savings.


Enovation Controls designs and manufactures battery charger, power supply and control products for industrial and OEM applications. Enovation Controls are industry leaders in switch mode power supply design, with battery chargers that are compact and light, with high power efficiency and low heat dissipation. Our range includes advanced features for safe, optimal charging and long battery life: multi-stage operation, low output ripple, AutoBoost, automatic temperature compensation, alarm outputs and remote RS485/CAN data connectivity/control.
Sentinel 300P Series - Murphy Sentinel 300P series battery chargers provide automatic, fast and accurate charging of standby batteries. Sentinel advanced chargers ensure optimal battery power, lifetime and reliability in demanding applications such as power generators, fire-pumps, and critical engine-driven equipment. Switch mode power technology gives a low-ripple DC charge output, plus wide AC supply voltage tolerance, in a compact, light and power-efficient package. Unlike some generic chargers, Sentinel's multistage DC output is optimized for your battery type and application – Lead Acid or NiCd; sealed or vented cells; 'wet', AGM or Gel electrolyte; lead antimony or calcium plates, cell temperature – all critical factors for maintaining battery health, preventing under/over charge and ensuring peak performance.
Sentinel 150P Series - The Sentinel 150P is a range of highly efficient, high performance battery chargers designed for continuous float charge and standby power applications. Switch Mode technology improves efficiency and low heat dissipation, wide supply voltage tolerance and low output ripple all within a compact and lightweight construction design. The chargers are configured for fast, accurate charging to give optimum battery life and reliability. Each charger's output can be OEM-configured for optimal charging of different cell types: vented/wet lead acid, Calcium-Calcium, sealed VRLA (AGM or Gel), NiCd or custom requirements. The very smooth output (< 1% ripple) allows charging of sealed or vented batteries or use as a standalone power supply.



Murphy offers hundreds of products that monitor and control pumps, generators, and more. Their control systems for industrial operations monitor pressure, temperature, liquid level, overspeed, time and vibration. From simple start/stop operation to sophisticated automation systems incorporating microcontrollers and remote communications, everything is covered!
Gauges - Enovation Controls is known for its Murphy gauges, and there's a good reason why. They're durable and dependable. They're highly accurate and long-lasting..
Level Devices - Murphy level maintainers and switches are the industry standard for monitoring and protection.
Sensors - State-of-the-art sensors for pressure, speed/time, temperature and vibration.
Electro/Mechanical Controllers - Throttle control, motor-driven clutch operator, solenoids and rack pullers are found on mission-critical applications everywhere.
Switches & Annunciators - Tattletale annunciators and magnetic switches are the nerve centers that translate Swichgage contact operations into decisions and operate the alarm or shutdown device. They are the electrical load carrying devices for the alarm or shutdown device. Tattletale annunciators indicate which monitored function failed leading to the alarm or shutdown whereas magnetic switches do not. Magnetic switches operate basically as a latching relay.
Valves - Diesel fuel shutoff and fuel line check valves are problem solvers for diesel engine shutdown systems.
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